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Meet the team

Sarah Amexheta – Head of CharitySarah
I am very proud to head up an incredible Charity. Every day we are lucky enough to meet people that wish to connect with us, it is a privilege to get to know our supporters and their reasons for giving. In addition to raising funds to support items above and beyond, we also run the volunteering program across the hospital. Whether you give time or money to support us, we are incredibly grateful, thank you!




Karen Bush - CharityKaren Bush – Voluntary Services and Community Engagement Manager, 01582 497357
I’ve had the privilege of managing our volunteers for the last seven years and never cease to be humbled by the amazing people that I meet on a day to day basis.  I am also part of the National Association of Voluntary Services Managers ( NAVSM) NEC, working to promote and support best practice in Voluntary Services Management across the NHS.

Whether people give their time or donations, we are incredibly grateful to our amazing community for the support that is given to your hospital. If you would like to volunteer here, please get in touch , we would love to hear from you.


Bianca-Lee John from LD CharityBianca-Lee John – Community Fundraiser, 01582 718978 or 07800 711370
I am the Community Fundraiser at the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital. I have engage locally with individuals, community organisations, faith groups and businesses to raise awareness and encourage fundraising for our local hospital.

By working closely with local people I am able to encourage more adults, and children, to be enthusiastic about fundraising for their local hospital. I would be very keen to give anyone more information about community fundraising and I am also happy to support or attend any local activities or events, so please get in touch.


Tapiwa LD Charity

Tapiwa Magadah-Williams – Corporate and Trust Fundraising Officer, 01582 718977
As the Corporate and Trusts Fundraiser for the Luton and Dunstable Hospital Charity, it is exciting to be part of a team which is created for and dedicated to supporting life-changing projects. Working with charitable trusts and foundations, I facilitate for various wards and departments throughout the hospital with fundraising. Our success is aided by the continued support of the local business’ and organisations who partner us. If your business would like to build a relationship with us and save lives, contact me for information on how you can help.


Donna Pratt - CharityDonna Pratt – Fundraising Assistant, 01582 718289
I am the Fundraising Assistant, I get to meet lots of fantastic supporters and work with different departments across the hospital to make sure that donations are processed and donors are thanked.





Aakifah Begum from LD CharityAakifah Begum – Grants and Trusts Officer
I am the Grants and Trusts Officer at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital Charity. Through my role here at the Charity, I focus on supporting incredible projects through fundraising.  It is a joy to work for the Charity and a team committed to establishing the best healing environment for patients, their families and friends.





Sabine Hazell – Schools Partnership Coordinator
As the Schools Partnership Coordinator for the Charity Team I am very lucky to meet people from lots of fantastic schools, colleges and universities, I have been amazed by the support we receive. I look forward to continuing the fantastic relationships that have been built and creating new ones.  If you would like to book a visit for me to come and talk to your students about how you get involved and how we can work together to support the hospital Charity please get in touch.

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