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(STP) Sustainability and Transformation Plan

(STP) Sustainability and Transformation Plan

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Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) are an NHS England initiative to encourage NHS organisations and councils to work together to improve health services, by creating a stronger link between health and social care.  

The L&D is one of 16 organisations that form the Bedford, Luton and Milton Keynes STP.  They have been working together to find ways of improving and modernising services to deliver improved health and wellbeing, transform the quality of care received by patients and make the NHS financially sustainable for future generations.

This is an exciting opportunity to ensure that everyone living in our community receives better, more efficient care overall. 

You can view the public summary document here.

Please visit the BLMK STP website for more information.


If you have you have any queries please contact the BLMK Communications Team:


Telephone: 01908 996217

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