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Sustainable Development

The NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy asks for the Boards of all NHS organisations to have a Board Approved Sustainable Development Management Plan.

We understand that we have a clear social responsibility to manage and reduce our carbon emissions, to reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities, to prevent pollution and to ensure that all our stakeholders are fully aware of our policy, and are committed to implementing and improving it.

Our journey begun in March 2010 with the Sustainable Development Management Plan. It was developed to ensure that we fulfill our commitment to conducting our activities with due consideration to sustainable, whilst providing high quality patient care.

Our Sustainable Policy sets out our vision alongside our objectives and is based on the following commitments:

  • To comply with and exceed, where practical, all applicable legislation, codes of practice and other requirements to which the Trust subscribes;
  • To integrate sustainable considerations into all our business decisions
  • To reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities;
  • To prevent pollution;
  • To review, annually report, and to continually strive to improve our sustainable performance