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Sustainable Travel

The Travel Plan was approved in July 2012. The implementation of the plan will bring about a reduction in car travel through an increase in the proportion of site users travelling by sustainable modes, including walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing.

Promoting sustainable travel is important to the hospital in terms of enabling the following positive impacts:

  • Helping reduce adverse impacts of car use on the local environment and the local community by reducing the need for staff, patients and visitors to travel to the site by single occupancy vehicle and use more sustainable modes instead.
  • Relieving pressures on the on-site car parks for both staff and visitors.
  • Increasing the accessibility of the hospital to those who do not own a car, or would prefer not to travel by car.
  • Encouraging a healthier lifestyle through increasing the levels of active travel.
  • Reducing the carbon emissions related to the hospital.

The headline target for the travel plan is to achieve a 15% modal shift away from single occupancy vehicle use and towards sustainable modes over the next 5 years. A voluntary target has also been set to achieve a 5% modal shift away from the car amongst patients and visitors.

At the L&D we support the following initiatives:

  • Tax free bikes scheme;
  • Dedicated bicycle parking facilities for staff and visitors and changing rooms for staff;
  • Free Bicycle Health Checks;
  • Incentives for cyclists during the Bike Week;
  • Private car share scheme for employees;
  • Car sharing promotions;
  • Discounted bus fares for staff;
  • Electric cars charging point;
  • Printed promotional materials (induction leaflet providing staff with information about different transport options such as car sharing, public transport, walking and cycling);
  • Partnership Working with the local authorities to promote sustainable travel, to include:
    • Smarter Driving Sessions for staff;
    • Commuter Challenges;
    • Workplace journey planning for staff through Travel Luton.