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Water Conservation

In January 2011 we signed up to the AquaFund grant scheme. Since then our consumption reduced by 18%.

Since joining the AquaFund consumption has been reduced by over 13,000m3 which equates to over £16k in savings on the Trusts annual water bill. Along with cost and consumption the Trust has also reduced its carbon output by 5 tonnes CO2e.

A number of washroom controls have been installed across the hospital buildings with Automated Meter Reading (AMR) being installed on the four main meters serving the hospital. Being such a large and water intensive site it is extremely important to be able to measure consumption in ‘real-time’, ensuring that any jumps or anomalies in consumption are spotted and dealt with quickly and effectively – preventing unnecessary water usage and costly leakage.

A further five sub-meters have been installed across the Trust site which have AMR on them. This will allow for even more accurate monitoring of consumption in higher consuming areas and will enable the implementation of more specific water saving measures once completed. The more closely a site can be mapped and monitored the higher the percentage of savings that can be achieved, both in financial and consumption terms.

AquaFund also donates a percentage of its revenue to charity WaterAid, which is dedicated to improving access to safe water and sanitation for the world’s poorest people. Since joining the AquaFund the Trust has helped improve the lives of more than 293,000 people around the world.