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Helipad Appeal

New Helipad at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital
We want to build an on-site helipad at the L&D which will be linked to the Emergency Department to ensure that everyone who needs specialist care can access it as easily and quickly as possible.

Having a helipad at the L&D will save lives and give people from across the region a greater chance of a full recovery.
Each year, over 90,000 patients are admitted to the Emergency Department at the L&D. Approximately 25% of these have life threatening injuries and require immediate and specialist medical care. There are even more people who need specialist care but because we currently do not have a helipad, patients who need to be air lifted to hospital cannot come to the L&D.

Benefits of an air ambulance
When someone suffers a major trauma the quicker they receive specialist emergency care, the more likely it is that the treatment will prevent death or serious disability. This is often referred to as the Golden Hour and emergency services strive to get patients to the most appropriate place for lifesaving care within an hour of sustaining their injury.

Helicopters offer a much more reliable way of transporting critically ill patients as they significantly reduce travel time compared to a land ambulance.

Building a new helipad
We need to raise the final £2.5 million to build the helipad. The total cost of the helipad is £5.4 million (which includes design and enabling work, reconfiguration of existing services, lift access to A&E and the helipad itself).

We have secured a generous donation of £2 million from the County Air Ambulance HELP Appeal and have received donations and pledges of nearly £0.9 million.

To make a donation now please visit our JustGiving page or to find out more about how to support the appeal please click here.

Saving precious minutes will help save precious lives. If you or someone you loved were involved in a serious accident, you would give anything for the best medical care to be available as quickly as possible.

A helipad at the L&D will save lives and give more people a better chance of recovery.