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Breast Screening

Beds & Herts Breast Screening Service is one of the biggest breast screening services in England. As well as having a screening centre adjacent to the Luton & Dunstable University Hospital there are also four mobile imaging units which are moved around the counties on a three year cycle in order to provide breast imaging in a local location to the women called for screening.

The screening centre is also used as the location for all breast symptomatic assessment clinics. The breast imaging and interpretation for surgeons is provided by the screening service.

Links to surgical centres:
The screening service is provided across two counties. Women who are then referred for surgery can select the nearest breast surgery service to where they live. As a result women are referred across a network of hospitals including; East & North Herts Hospital, Bedford Hospital and West Herts Hospitals. A smaller number are referred to surgical services outside Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire as a result of patient choice or locality.

Procedures Provided

Procedures undertaken in our Unit include the following:

  • Triple Assessment – Physical assessment, Breast imaging and Biopsy.
  • Breast Imaging – This can be a mammogram, ultrasound or sometimes both.

Clinicians - Consultants/Specialist Nurses

Breast Screening

Consultant Radiologist
Breast Physician & Clinical Director
Consultant Radiographer
Consultant Radiologist
Consultant Radiologist/ Breast Screening
Consultant Radiologist
Breast Physician
Breast Physician
Breast Physician

Referral Process

Breast screening – Eligible women are invited by the Beds & Herts Breast Screening Service as part of the National Breast Screening Programme.

Women at higher risk of developing breast cancer are referred by a regional genetics service. This service is also commissioned to screen women with moderately increased risk of breast cancer who are referred by the regional genetics service and general practitioners.

Useful Contacts

  • Clinical Director:
    Dr Janet Bietzk
  • Service Manager
    Graham Straughair
    01582 497595
  • Outpatients booking department:
    01582 561385
  • Switchboard
    01582 491166