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Early Pregnancy (Maternity Services)

Early Pregnancy (Maternity Services)

Referral Process

  • Via GP
  • Via A&E
  • By calling the clinic

Patient Information Leaflets

Our Early Pregnancy Clinic (EPC) provides a streamlined nurse led service always supported by junior doctors and Consultants as and when necessary for pregnant women with pain and bleeding in early pregnancy.

Who do we see?

  • Pregnant women with pain or/and bleeding in early pregnancy up to 20 weeks
  • Pregnant women with high risk of an ectopic pregnancy

What should you expect at your visit?
You will see a Nurse Specialist who will ask you for details of your symptoms and arrange for a scan where appropriate. You will be asked to provide a urine sample and you may be required  to  have some blood tests. The nurse will see you again after your scan and plan a treatment for you. You may have to return for blood tests or scans and will be advised. We endeavour to give you appointments that suit you but this may not always be possible.

Our other Maternity Services:
Acute Gynaecology Unit
Fetal Medicine


Monday to Friday 08.00-12.30 (Last scan appointment at 11.30)

Clinic re starts every weekday afternoon at 13.30 for both early pregnancy patients and gynaecological patients. (last scan at 16.00) 

Weekends and Bank Holiday Emergency Services 
Early pregnancy clinic.
We are open every Saturday morning and every bank holiday.

Procedures Provided

Miscarriage: Conservative, Medical and Surgical.
You will be offered treatment options along with leaflets. The nurse will explain the benefits and risks of the procedures. We also offer evacuation of retained products of conception with or without local anaesthetic for selected group of women only.

Clinicians - Consultants/Specialist Nurses

  • Neela Mukhopadhaya
    Gynaecologist and Obstetrician
  • SS Das
  • Sally Pardon
    Sister, Nurse/Manager
  • Jane Ward
  • Lilia Hanson

Ferdose Akram

  • Krys Biggart
    Health Care Assistant

  • Carol Johnson 
    Health Care Assistant


Useful numbers/contacts - All staff can be contacted via switchboard

Service Manager: 
Heather Spackman

Clinical Director:
Miss Neelanjana Mukhopadhaya

Bereavement Midwife Contact Number:
07790 564626

Business Manager:  
Michelle Hicks

Outpatients booking department: 
01582 561385

General Manager:  
Tanith Ellis

01582 491166