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Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation Service

The Pharmacy Department provides medicines optimisation and pharmaceutical services to the Trust ensuring the best treatment for patients and the safe and secure supply of medicines and promotion of cost-effective, evidence-based prescribing. We encourage patients to bring any ongoing medication into hospital with them to help with a reconciliation of medicines. A patient’s own medicines are kept with the patient in bedside medicine cabinets and, if appropriate, used to ensure continuation of therapy during their in-patient stay.

Procedures Provided

Services Provided:

  • Clinical Pharmacy / medicines optimisation ward based services including medicines reconciliation, prescription review, prescribing advice and information to patients on what to expect from their medicines
  • Pharmacist prescriber clinics
  • Procurement of medicines including difficult to source specials.
  • Distribution of medicines to hospital wards and departments and PCT clinics.
  • Dispensing of medicines to out-patients, in-patients and discharge patients.
  • Medicines Information services to the Trust, GPs and patients.
  • Medicines management activities including drug use review and formulary management.
  • Discharge / Interface support

Clinicians - Consultants/Specialist Nurses

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