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Phlebotomy and Anticoagulation Services

Adult GP Phlebotomy services will move to Arndale House in the centre of Luton in June 2018.
It is planned that just one third of the total phlebotomy service will move to Arndale House; this is the adult GP phlebotomy and anticoagulation service only.

Approximately 12,000 bloods per month will remain on the hospital site.

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Clinic name:
Suspected DVT/PE Out Patients – Monday to Friday
Anticoagulation Clinics – Monday to Friday
Haematology Clinics

Clinic Type:
Phlebotomy Out PTS Paeds/Adult
Maternity GTT – Tuesday AM
In Pt Phlebotomy – 7 Days per week

Links to tertiary centres:
Luton Treatment Centre – Tuesday/Thursday Anticoagulation clinic
Wheatfield Rd GP Surgery – Monday Anticoagulation clinic

Clinicians - Consultants/Specialist Nurses

Referral Process

Preferred GP referral process, e.g. Letter, C&B, other etc. Fax/ICE

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