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Phlebotomy and Anticoagulation Services

Phlebotomy and Anticoagulation Services

Referral Process

Preferred GP referral process, e.g Letter, C&B, Other etc. Fax/ICE

Patient Information Leaflets


Clinic name: Suspected DVT/PE Out Patients    Mon – Friday
                       Anticoagulation Clinics                    Mon - Friday
Haematology Clinics

Clinic Type: Phlebotomy Out PTS  Paeds/Adult
                     Maternity GTT                                  Tuesday AM            
                     In Pt Phlebotomy                              7 Days per week 

Links to tertiary centres:
Luton Treatment Centre - Tuesday/Thursday Anticoagulation clinic
Wheatfield Rd GP Surgery - Monday Anticoagulation clinic 

Clinicians - Consultants/Specialist Nurses

Useful numbers/contacts - All staff can be contact via switchboard

Service Manager:
Pamela Fox

Urgent issue contact number:
01582 497537/8199/7554

General Manager: 
Louise Young

Clinic reception: 
01582 497537

Outpatients booking department: 
01582 561385

01582 491166