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Upper Gastro Intestinal Surgery

The Upper GI surgical unit at Luton and Dunstable University Hospital is internationally recognised for research and clinical outcomes in treating benign and cancerous diseases of the Oesophagus, Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder, Common Bile Duct and Pancreas. The unit provides a patient-centred multidisciplinary approach utilising the most recent evidence in medicine, innovative technology and progressive treatment options for complex Upper Gastrointestinal Disease. Using the superior diagnostic and treatment modalities, our highly specialised surgical team led by seven consultants provides patients with a thorough evaluation, accurate diagnosis and optimum treatment plan tailored to their requirements with an integrated team approach. We have also pioneered laparoscopic (key-hole) surgery and the majority of the surgeries performed in our unit are by laparoscopic approach.

Luton and Dunstable University Hospital’s Upper GI division has pioneered laparoscopic and other minimally invasive techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease, Barrett’s oesophagus, Hiatus Hernia, Oesophageal Strictures, Peptic Ulcer Disease, Gall Stones, Common Bile Duct Stones, Bile Duct Strictures and Pancreatitis. We also provide multidisciplinary management of cancers arising from the Oesophagus, Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder, Liver and Pancreas.

Luton and Dunstable University Hospital’s Upper GI Division also happens to be a Tier 3 & Tier 4 tertiary referral centre for bariatric surgery in the East of England. We have one of the highest volumes and best outcomes of obesity surgery led by a team of specialised and skilful surgeons with support from bariatric anaesthetists, physicians, nutritionists and psychologists.

Some of the conditions treated at our unit are:

Gall bladder and Common Bile Duct

  • Gallstone
  • Cholecystitis (inflammation)
  • Common Bile Duct Stones
  • Cancer

Stomach and Oesophagus

  • Indigestion/ Acid Reflux/ Oesophagitis / Gastritis
  • Ulcers
  • Hiatus Hernia
  • Diaphragmatic hernias
  • Achalasia
  • Cancer


  • Duodenitis (Inflammation)
  • Ulcers
  • Liver
  • Cysts
  • Cancer


  • Pancreatitis
  • Cancer


  • Inguinal
  • Femoral
  • Spigelian
  • Incisional


  • Cysts
  • Haematological conditions


Clinic Name: Upper GI surgery
Clinic Type: Adult

Mr. Jain – Wednesday AM (alternate)
Mr. Whitelaw – Thursday PM
Mr. Jambulingam – Monday PM (alternate)
Mr.Al-Taan – Tuesday PM
Mr. Rashid – Wednesday AM (alternate), Monday PM (alternate)
Mr. Jambulingam /Mr. Rashid – Monday PM oncology clinic

CNS Team:
Oncology Specialist Nurses: Wendy Shearsmith – Monday PM

Links to tertiary centres:
Established links with Watford Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital London

Procedures Provided

Procedures undertaken in our Unit include the following:

  • All Upper GI surgery – Laparoscopic and open
  • Bariatric Surgery

Clinicians - Consultants/Specialist Nurses

Upper Gastro Intestinal Surgery


Referral Process

Referrals can be made via E-RS or by letter directly addressed to:

Out Patients Booking Dept Luton & Dunstable University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Lewsey Road, Luton LU4 0DZ

Useful Contacts

  • Service Manager
    Bindu Jophy
    01582 497172
  • Outpatients booking department:
    01582 561385
  • Clinical Director
    Mr P S Jambulingam
  • Switchboard
    01582 491166

  • On-call bleep - 363
  • Clinic reception contact no:
    Zone C - 01582 497343, Zone U - 01582 492047
  • Urgent issue contact no:
    Via switchboard - 01582 491166