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GP Specialty Training

Luton GP Speciality Training (GPST)
The Luton GP Speciality Training (GPST) is a structured programme which enables doctors to complete the required accreditation needed to become a General Practitioner. The three-year placement includes 18 months in hospital posts and a further 18 months in General Practice.

With trainees from all over Europe and Asia it is a multi-ethnic programme and our general practice training is spread across widely varying communities, from Luton town centre, through to Harpenden and villages such as rural Eddlesborough. The area has populations of very many different cultures, giving training and life a rich and interesting mix.

The programme involves a variety of hospital posts including A&E, Medicine, Paediatrics, O&G, Psychiatry, Surgery and also innovative posts like Community Paediatrics, Community Psychiatry and Palliative Care. Most of the jobs are located at the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital with some jobs located at Bedford.

We have five block sessions each year and a half-day teaching session held on alternate Tuesday mornings – the teaching topics run on a two-year basis and are selected by the Registrars. We also run two Communication Skills Workshops (similar to an OSCE) for our trainees each year.

The Trainer’s Workshop is held on a monthly basis at the Blenheim Medical Center and all Trainers and Associate Trainers are invited to attend.