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Upcoming Training Programmes and Helpsheets

The library services offer regular training sessions on a range of topics, and we offer group and one-to-one session. We can organise custom training programs for departments, from one hour to all day training, depending on need.

All sessions are free of charge for all staff in Bedfordshire, and Certificates are given where attendance is for portfolios and revalidation. Staff outside of the region can be accommodated at a cost, although free local staff are prioritised

The upcoming training calender can be found at

Our training offered

Evidence-Based Literature Searching
Our most popular sessions, these can range from Basic Literature Searching using evidence-based resources such as NHS Evidence, to more in-depth training where we discuss searching through databases such as MEDLINE and CINAHL, and using thesaurus terms to produce a high-quality search strategy suitable for research or study. We rarely cover all topics in individual sessions but advertise a range of differing needs-based training based on different user groups.

Critical Appraisal
Learning to critically appraise a published research is an important skill for all medical professional.  We offer regular critical appraisal training sessions, and always critically appraise a new piece of literature in every session.

Study Skills and Referencing
If you are a returner to study, or would just like to brush up on your study skills the library offers group and one-to-one training.

Mindfulness and Meditation for Wellness, Cultural Awareness, English Language and Nurse Revalidation Workshops can also be provided with agreement from the Bevan Library in Bedford Hospital