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Change or cancel your appointment or admission

Changing or cancelling your appointment or admission

Each year valuable resources are wasted because patients do not turn up for their appointment or admission.  If you cannot attend or no longer require your appointment or admission, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer the slot to another patient.  

To change or cancel your ADMISSION  

Please telephone the contact number on your Admission letter between  09.00 - 17.00 Monday to Friday.

Please note that there is no longer a provision for a patient to delay their admitted treatment for any reason. If you would like to view this policy, you can access it on the following web address

The change in the policy means that patients need to be available for surgery.

You are no longer allowed to choose to delay your pathway.

Our normal process is to offer you up to two operation dates. If you are not able to accept these dates, I am afraid that our access policy is to refer you back to your GP until such time as you are able to proceed with surgery.

To change or cancel your APPOINTMENT

Please telephone between 08.30 - 17.00 Monday to Friday on 01582 561385.

Please note Monday morning and lunch times are usually the busiest, so please avoid telephoning during these times if possible.

Changing your appointment

If the appointment you wish to change is within two working days we will aim to contact you within 48 hours, otherwise we will notify you by post within one week.

Cancelling your appointment

Once we have received your request we will cancel your appointment.  Please note: if you choose to cancel, you will not be offered a new appointment unless you are re-referred by your GP.


Urgent Referrals

If your GP has informed you that your referral is urgent, this is because it is felt you should be seen within a two week period.  Please bear this in mind when requesting a change of appointment and ensure that you book your new appointment within that period.

Please note: The form below should not be used for appointments for the following services:
Maternity, Breast Screening, GUM, Endoscopy, Imaging/X-ray, Limb-Fitting, Orthotics, Neurophysiology, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Audiology or Mental Health.

For the above specialties you should contact the department direct on the telephone number quoted on your appointment letter.    

Changing or cancelling your appointment form

Important - Please make sure you wait for the confirmation screen after submitting your form to ensure your request has been sent to us.

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Change or cancellation form
Patient transport booked?
Interpreter booked?
If I am not available to contact by phone I am happy for you to leave a message on an answer machine
Would you see another Consultant in the same speciality if an earlier appointment is available?
Please note: We are unable to transmit appointment details via email for reasons of confidentiality


This form sends information to a Luton & Dunstable University Hospital email address. We always treat your information with the strictest confidence and will not pass any information to third parties. The L&D cannot guarantee 100% security when information is in transit over the world wide web. If you have any concerns regarding the security of the world wide web please call the hospital directly on 01582 561385 to cancel your appointment.