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Breast Cancer clinical trials for L&D patients

Signing up to clinical trials can give patients access to new treatments for cancer and other diseases.

The L&D is now recruiting for five breast cancer projects and is one of only four centres nationally which are involved in the trial of one particular medication which could help treat future patients.

L&D oncology research sister Louise Rivett says “Some trials require us to approach patients as soon as they are diagnosed, before they even start having chemotherapy because the trial means extra scans and biopsies.”

One breast cancer trial, the NeoMet Study is investigating how a common diabetes drug appears to protect women from breast cancer. The drug is thought to have anti-cancer properties and researchers want to find out more.

L&D patient, Justine Towle, was diagnosed with cancer in July and said she was ‘honoured’ to be asked to take part in a clinical trial which might benefit her treatment and help others in the future.

Being in a clinical trial doesn’t affect statutory health care treatment the patient receives.

There are very specific inclusion criteria for clinical trials and patients who are eligible (about 20 percent of those diagnosed with cancer) will always be approached by the research team.

Research and Development Director at L&D, Dr Christopher Travill said, “We’re very proud of our involvement in many national and international studies across various medical specialities. The results often lead to improved patient care and safety.”

The L&D has launched a new initiative to improve awareness of clinical trials at the hospital. For more information contact a member of the oncology research team on 01582 718292 or visit