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Clinical trials offer patients a treatment choice – It’s OK to ask your Doctor or Nurse

Clinical Trials take place at the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital to improve treatments and survival from cancer and other conditions and diseases.

Information about clinical trials and research is available at the L&D to mark International Clinical Trials day on 20th May and promote the national campaign “It’s OK to ask” which encourages patients to ask their family doctor, nurse or consultant about clinical research.

As well as information and advice from the Oncology research team in the MacMillan Unit, the Stroke Research team is holding a chocolate trial where participants can find out what it means to be in a trial and have a fun taster.

The Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Team sees clinical trials as an integral part of standard care, and feels that offering patients the opportunity to take part in a trial can give them an additional choice in the treatment they receive.

Louise Rivett, Senior Nurse for breast cancer trials says, ‘Patients view participation in a clinical trial as a positive experience which may potentially offer them access to newer drugs.’ She added that being part of a trial can also give patients a sense of satisfaction that they are helping to shape the treatments of the future.

Clinical research is the way in which evidence is gathered to improve treatments for patients. Promoting, conducting and using clinical research to improve healthcare is one of the key principles of the NHS, and the new Constitution for NHS England contains a pledge to inform patients of research studies in which they may be eligible to participate.

Find out more about the national campaign “OK to Ask” email or phone 0300 311 99 66