Printed at: 06:17:59 / 23-10-2019
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Fundraising for Prostate Cancer – it’s a piece of cake

This year we want to raise £75,000 for the latest laser biopsy probe to help detect Prostate Cancer, the most common cancer in men. One man in 8 will get Prostate Cancer at some stage of life.

Clinical Nurse Specialist in L&D’s Urology Dept, Mark Pedder, organised a fundraising cake sale and with the help of L&D colleagues and friends, raised over £720, shared between the L&D fundraising appeal for the laser biopsy probe and the charity Prostate Cancer UK.

The L&D’s Urology Department treats thousands of patients and diagnoses 300 new cases of prostate cancer every year. The laser biopsy probe can detect prostate cancer at the earliest stage, which gives our patients the best chance of recovery. It will also make biopsies safer by virtually eradicating infection risks.

The hospital has already invested over £130,000 to buy new equipment for treating men with Prostate Cancer and the team have identified the laser biopsy probe as a potential lifesaver in its own right. The £75,000 laser probe will enable the Urology team to test possible cancer patients earlier then ever, reducing the number of men who become seriously ill because they didn’t know they had cancer.