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Groundbreaking lens implant surgery performed at the L&D – 14 December 2016

14 December 2016

A groundbreaking lens implant procedure, the first of its kind to be performed in England, was undertaken at the Luton & Dunstable University Hospital (L&D), Bedfordshire last month (November 8) by internationally recognised Consultant ophthalmologist Mr Allon Barsam.

The procedure, using a small aperture IC-8™ intraocular lens, was used to cure a patient with both cataracts and irregular corneas where it is known that standard intraocular lens often do not work well. The small aperture lens, about the size of a pin head, was successfully implanted into the affected eye using specialist equipment, under NHS provision at the L&D Hospital.

Cataracts are often an age-related condition, causing cloudy or misty vision.Over time, cataracts worsen and start to affect vision and quality of life. In the UK, 60% of 60 year olds have some degree of visual impairment caused by cataracts and everyone over the age of 80 years will develop one.

For Mr Barsam’s patient, 73 year old Margaret Scollon from Barton le Clay, Bedfordshire, there were no other surgical options available and contact lens fitting was not possible. Without this surgery, she would have faced progressive worsening of vision from both her cataracts and her corneal disease.

Four weeksafter the surgery Margaret said: “Thanks to Mr Barsam and the team at L&D I can already feel the benefits of the surgery – I can see more clearly. The whole experience – from consultation, to the procedure, to the after-care – has been first-class. I am extremely grateful to have been given my life back.”

The IC-8 lens was launched by AcuFocus in Europe in 2016. Mr Barsam has performed thousands of cataract procedures but the world-renowned Consultant ophthalmologistis more excited about this small-aperture IC-8 intraocular lens for working with irregular corneas, explaining that it stands out for providing a continuous, broad range of vision and excellent acuity across many focal distances.

Mr Barsam says: “This novel device offers a unique treatment option for patients who have both cataracts and irregular corneas. Having researched and liaised with other surgeons and colleagues around the world, and reviewed their results, I was confident that this was a safe and effective option.

“Cataracts are an age-related condition that affects us all. Eventually surgery is required and this innovative lens could make a positive difference to peoples’ lives. I am excited about this advanced option for cataract patients – especially those who also suffer with irregular corneas where standard lens options often do not work well.”

Dr Danielle Freedman , Chief Medical Adviser at the Luton & Dunstable University Hospital said: “We are proud to be able to offer such leading technology and to be one of the first NHS hospitals to provide this for our patients. The innovation and skills of Mr Barsam, combined with our own exceptional team, means we have paved the way for many more successful procedures of this kind across the country.”