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Laser surgery for prostate treatment

L&D is now able to offer laser prostate surgery for men suffering from lower urinary tract symptoms from an enlarged prostate. The L&D is one of very few centres in the region to be able to offer this type of surgery called HoLEP (Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate)

Aready, the majority of prostate operations are carried out using laser surgery which is largely replacing the traditional procedure Transurethral Resection of the P (TURP). In fact the laser treatment has gone so well that surgeons in the Urology Department have just completed their 100th case.

There are a number of benefits for patients from having laser surgery:

  • Less bleeding at the time of the operation and therefore less need for post-operative bladder treatment.
  • Our patients often recover more quickly and have a shortened hospital stay which aids their overall recovery.
  • During laser surgery more prostate tissue is removed than with a TURP so men who had a catheter in place for urinary retention prior to surgery are more likely to leave hospital without a catheter.
  • All men undergoing HoLEP surgery have a lower chance of ever requiring repeat surgery for regrown prostate tissue over their lifetime.

At the L&D two Consultant urological surgeons, Mr F Khan and Mr A Saleemi, have received training and mentorship in HoLEP surgery from an international expert based at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge. Both our surgeons achieved excellent results in laser surgery over the last year.

All patients undergo a full outpatient evaluation, including PSA testing, urinary flow tests, urodynamic testing along with a symptom questionaire before they are considered for laser prostate surgery.