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L&D launch new Community Hub health centre in Luton town centre






Patients with a GP blood form are encouraged to call 01582 718968 between 10:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 16:00 to book a blood test within a one hour appointment slot.

From the 4th June 2018, the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital (L&D) will be relocating adult GP phlebotomy (blood tests) and anticoagulation phlebotomy services, Sexual Health services and its Dermatology Outpatient Clinic to a newly refurbished, central location in Arndale House, based in The Mall, Luton.

Patients will be able to access the central hub via a variety of public transport routes and those travelling by car will be reassured that Arndale House offers greater parking options that are less expensive compared to the hospital site.

With Luton Sexual Health moving into its new home first (today), the rest of the services will be available from the 4th June, where they will no longer be taking place at the L&D.

Patients will enjoy a more comfortable, newly renovated clinic with free Wi-Fi, shorter waiting times and all the local amenities that The Mall has to offer. Each service will be accessible via the Community Hub’s shared lobby before patients are directed to dedicated entrances for each department, giving patients discreet access and improved confidentiality.

For phlebotomy, the move will see the introduction of optional timed priority appointments, where patients will be allocated a blood test within a one hour time slot should they choose, with the option to walk in and wait if they prefer. Adult phlebotomy and anticoagulation services are the only services to be moving, making up just one third of total bloods taken at the hospital. The other two thirds, including inpatient and paediatrics will remain at the L&D.

Cathy Jones, Deputy Chief Executive said: “The provision of hospital services at Arndale House will help release space on our main site, allowing us to deal with overcrowding issues and support growth in the clinical services which are required to be on hospital grounds.

“The existing facilities that these services are provided in at the L&D are in much need of renovation and feedback from patients show that they are not happy with the environment they are currently seen in. The new Community Hub offers a great central location which is easily accessible via public transport routes and with a range of car parking options.”

Arndale House is a five minute walk from Luton train station and is a discreet facility accessed from The Mall.  Services will move to the first floor of the five story building.

Around 80 Hospital staff in total will move to Arndale House including consultants, nurses, health support workers, admin teams, clerical teams and other support staff. Our volunteers will be on hand to assist those that need guidance for the first few weeks.