Printed at: 07:02:38 / 18-10-2019
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Listen to LinDa

Our nurse hologram, LinDa is now installed at main reception to greet people and explain when visitors and staff should clean their hands to help protect patients from infection.

LinDa speaks to people in a friendly voice when they are close by and gives out other important messages – such as explaining how patients can give us feedback on their experience of hospital.

We will monitor the impact LinDa has and we aim to use this low maintenance-high impact piece of equipment for years to come to help us communicate with people who visit L&D.

We are also testing a unique monitoring solution to measure when staff clean their hands. It is just one of the activities which will continue throughout the year as part of the hospital’s infection prevention strategy.

LinDa is similar to the hologram virtual assistants which have been successfully used in some airports and retail units to give security information to passengers.