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Miracle twins return to visit the L&D

The twins and their parents, Thom and Kayleigh Darby, returned this month to the unit where their premature twins were born at just 23 weeks and six days.

The twins defeated the odds to battle through many problems and this month marks two years since the twins were discharged from the L&D NICU unit.

Mr & Mrs Darby told the Luton News: “It has been pretty amazing to see them develop into the toddlers they are, from such a rocky beginning. “It has been a rollercoaster since they came home and we feel very blessed.”

“Both are developing as they should be, they don’t have any of the issues we could have expected given the path they had. It didn’t feel like it at the time but we know we have been very lucky now.”
The nurses that cared for the twins were able to meet again with Mr & Mrs Darby and the twins on their return visit.
Mr & Mrs Darby told the Luton News: “It is a fantastic unit there and it was nice to tell the nurses how the twins are getting on.”
Next month Mr Darby is running the London Marathon to raise money for new parent’s accommodation on the hospital site. A facility on the L&D site is currently being converted into the parent’s accommodation. Up to £50,000 is needed some of which has already been donated.
Sarah Newby, a L&D spokesperson, said: “The aim is to create a home from home environment so that parents can get as much rest as possible without having to drive for hours each day between home and NICU.”

“We are building a facility where parents can sleep, shower or just rest, away from the busy clinical ward but close enough to the unit that if their baby needs them they can be there straight away.”

“We will be offering this service to families for free and there will be on-going fundraising to cover the running costs.”