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New Fertility Centre opens at L&D

L&D’s new Fertility Centre has now opened, offering a range of specialist treatments to local people including IVF.

Specialist IVF treatment is now available at the L&D for the first time, in partnership with world leaders, The Bourn Clinic, Cambridge. Our new partnership with The Bourn Clinic means local people have much easier access to specialist fertility care. Travelling for patients is reduced as all consultations and monitoring appointments can take place locally at the L&D Fertility Centre with just the delicate egg collection and embryo transfer procedures taking place at Bourn Hall.

Miss Shahnaz Akbar, who is the L&D’s senior fertility consultant, explains why the new facility was required, “Patients need to attend the clinic for frequent appointments and we wanted to provide a comfortable environment staffed by people who are empathetic to the needs of fertility patients. Fertility care is a specialist area of medicine and requires a number of tests to ascertain the causes of infertility. Until now we have had to refer IVF patients to tertiary centres, over 40 miles away, for all of their appointments making it difficult for some couples to access treatment.”

The L&D Fertility Centre can offer the relevant tests in one place without the requirement for patients to have to visit multiple locations and healthcare professionals. If patients choose the L&D’s Fertility centre for IVF treatment they only need two appointments at Bourn Hall in Cambridge and all other assessments and monitoring is carried out at the L&D. This new arrangement is focused on the needs of patients and ensures continuity during each visit to the L&D’s Fertility Centre. We are very proud of what we have achieved for our patients and the local community and look forward to welcoming patients to the new unit.

Fran Rose-Smith of Bourn Hall Clinic Cambridge says, “We are delighted to be working with the L&D Hospital and its Fertility Centre. This relationship provides patients with a smooth and consistent treatment pathway which will provide the best conditions for a positive outcome.”

Bourn Hall has an international reputation for providing IVF treatment for the past 35 years. It was co-founded by IVF pioneers Steptoe and Edwards and remains at the forefront of fertility medicine.