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New Urology One-Stop Clinic

The new Urology One Stop Clinic opened its doors this month (September 2015). This innovative clinic provides outpatient appointment and many diagnostic tests in a single visit in a purpose built location , thereby reducing the number of visits needed to the hospital and modernise the clinic experience for our patients.

We are one of a few Urology centres in the UK that have developed a one-stop clinic. The team includes Urology Consultants, Specialty Doctors, Registrars, Radiographers, Specialist and Cancer Nurses and Health Care Assistants who will work together to ensure patients are able to have their consultation and diagnostic tests the same day with their treatment arranged in most instances there and then without multiple visits.

This new clinic is Consultant led and condenses all aspects of urological care for all new referrals including 2WW, prostate biopsy, flexible cystoscopy and ultrasound scanning (with access to same day CT scanning) enabling the delivery of a truly one-stop service. This new model of service delivery enables us to provide a service unrivalled in its access and speed of diagnostic tests but also reduce unnecessary follow-up attendances by providing an individual treatment plan for each patient before going home, with a letter to GPs so patients are followed up by their GP where possible closer to their homes.

Patients are referred in the usual way but all NEW patients will be seen in the one-stop setting. Please be aware that patients can expect to spend between 2-4 hours at the One Stop clinic for all consultations and diagnostic test to be complete. Patients will be sent information about what to expect on the day which are specific to the Urology pathway they are on.