Printed at: 06:32:56 / 23-10-2019
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Nurses use iPads for patient observations to save lives

L&D has been awarded £260,000 from the Department of Health Technology Fund to buy electronic equipment such as iPads and software for nurses to record patients’ vital signs right at the bedside.

The electronically recorded “vital signs” can be viewed by doctors from any computer in the hospital and provide life-saving advice on a patient’s state of health if they show signs of deteriorating.

L&D’s Medical Director, Dr Mark Patten, said, “Taking the patient’s pulse, breathing rate and blood pressure at the right time and being able to involve the right people to take swift action can help to save lives.”

Over the past three years the L&D Hospital has been gradually introducing an electronic observation system with over 1,000 patients using modern technology to record patients’ vital signs and input the data onto an iPad. This has been proven to reduce the number of deaths by enabling clinical staff to access a patient’s data from any computer within the hospital and advice or action before a patient suffers a cardiac arrest.

The L&D has made an investment an additional £250,000 to further develop this project so that nurses can record even more clinical information all on one system. This will save on administration time and let nurses spend more time at the patient’s bedside.

“Quicker action for a deteriorating patient will reduce the likelihood of that patient deteriorating further and therefore help to reduce avoidable deaths. This is a good example of our IT technical team and clinical staff working together to improve the safety of our patients,” said Dr Patten.

To find out more about electronic patient observations please see our video below or contact Anne Thomson, Head of Patient Safety at the L&D.