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Our Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

Sarah Newby, Freedom to Speak Up GuardianPatients are at the heart of everything we here at the L&D and we encourage all staff to raise any concerns they may have. This is to make a difference to patient safety and experience.

Meet Sarah Newby, our Freedom to Speak Up Guardian who deals with any concerns staff may have.

“It’s a relatively new role to the NHS and I didn’t really know what to expect or the types of concerns that would be brought to me. I’ve been in post for nearly 2 years now and have spoken to numerous staff from across the hospital about various issues. It is difficult sometimes, as most concerns are sensitive and often very complex. I want to do what is best for both staff and patients – ensuring that our hospital is a safe place for patients to be cared for but also a great place for staff to work.

I feel this is an important role and people can come to me in confidence. I am not linked to any ward or department, and I feel that makes me well placed to do the job. I hope that people see me as unbiased because of this and that I can be objective when facilitating investigations. I work closely with the Board to ensure that all concerns are investigated appropriately and efficiently.

Speaking to staff from across all departments gives me a wide picture of the organisation which is really good for identifying ‘hot spots’ of concern and to find out early when there are hospital-wide issues.

My role allows me to take these concerns directly to the senior team. I am here to make sure they hear and learn from what staff tell me and make the right improvements. That way we can continue to deliver the best possible care to patients and make the hospital an even better place to work.”