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Palliative Care Consultant awarded the Top Teacher Award 2017-2018

Photograph of Dr HerodotouWe are pleased to announce that Dr Nicholas Herodotou, a Consultant in Palliative Care at the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital, has been awarded the Top Teacher Award 2017-18 by University College London (UCL), for his lecture on Foundations of Health & Medical Practice. This is not the first teaching award for Dr Hereodotou, who was also awarded it in 2011-12 and 2015-16. He also obtained the ARENA Fellowship from UCL in 2016 in recognition of the quality of his teaching at UCL.

Dr Herodotou is a Honorary Lecturer at UCL ‘s Medical School, where he delivers an annual lecture to first year medical students on palliative medicine. He also teaches clinical medical students at the L&D.

A UCL student, in his nomination, wrote:

“Dr Herodotou was so lively and inspiring as he lectured us. I loved how interactive he was, especially in the face of such a sensitive topic. His animated, perhaps even conversational style of lecturing helps to engage with students and keep them focused.”

When we asked Dr Herodotou how he felt about the award, he said:

“When I hold these lectures, my aim is to inspire and motivate as well as educate, which I believe it’s more important in medicine than in other disciplines.

“I am grateful to my students for nominating me for this award, but I must confess that the best recognition for my efforts is always when I get to know one of them chooses a career in palliative care.”