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The 2015 NHS Maternity Survey

National survey of women’s experience of Maternity care
The L&D is sending out a NHS Maternity Survey to women who have recently given birth to ask about their experiences of antenatal care, childbirth and postnatal care, all answers are confidential. This is part of a national programme to improve women’s experiences and the quality of care that the NHS delivers.

Why we need patient feedback?
Quality in health and medical care has two distinct dimensions. One has to do with the quality of care from the perspective of professional, technical standards; and the other dimension concerns the quality of care from the perspective of patients. Understanding the way patients experience the care they receive is essential to a complete assessment of the quality of healthcare, and this can only be obtained by asking the patients themselves. We would therefore encourage women who have been contacted about the survey to complete it, where possible, as we value your feedback.

Please contact the L&D’s PALS team if you have any queries.