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The L&D leading the way in urology services

Innovative one stop urology clinic opens its doors
The Luton and Dunstable University Hospital is leading the way in diagnosing and treating urological conditions, following an investment of £900,000.

A new innovative purpose-built one stop clinic, one of only a handful in the country, means patients can see a clinician, and have diagnostic tests like ultrasound scanning and biopsies, all at the same appointment, avoiding the need for return visits to the hospital.

A team of specialist staff of clinicians, nursing and radiological staff work together to ensure that patients are able to have their consultation and diagnostic tests the same day, with their future treatment arranged, in most cases, there and then.

Launched on 1 September, the new clinic is already proving very popular with both patients and their GPs. Patients are given a comprehensive treatment plan at the appointment which can be followed up closer to their home, at their local GP surgery.

Advanced biopsies for prostate cancer
Patients under the care of the urology are also benefiting from a brand new piece of advanced biopsy equipment which has been purchased following the hospital’s Prostate Cancer Biopsy Appeal.

The £120,000 machine can take multiple biopsies in one area, improving the accuracy of reporting, meaning that patients can be more certain of the results, and avoid having to come back year after year for follow-up testing. In the first six weeks of its use, the machine found cancerous cells in 7 out of 10 patients who had had previous negative biopsies but a suspicious area on an MRI scan.

New prostate laser treatment for urinary symptoms now available
Surgeons at the L&D are now using a new laser to treat the symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland which is bringing great benefits to patients.

Only 25% of hospitals offer treatment using the high powered HoLEP laser* which has much better outcomes for patients. Inpatient stays are much shorter and in fact more than 10% of procedures can now be done as a day case, and patients generally suffer fewer complications. In addition L&D surgeons are using the laser in a unique way* which has allowed the technology to be brought to a large number of patients.

Urology consultant Mr Asad Saleemi, said: “Over the last year, we have transformed care for our urology patients. Our new one stop clinic enables us to provide a service unrivalled in its access and speed of diagnostic tests, reducing unnecessary follow-up attendances to hospital.”

He continued: “Our new prostate biopsy equipment is providing more accurate results for patients who are being followed up. This is improving our diagnosis of prostate cancer for patients at an early stage of the disease.

“For any patients with benign prostate disease who have either had a blockage or significant urinary symptoms and require surgery, we have pioneered the use of a new laser delivering excellent outcomes for our patients in an extremely cost effective way. We are now sharing our expertise with other hospitals in this country, and abroad.”