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Blood Tests (Phlebotomy)

Adult GP phlebotomy and anticoagulation services has relocated to a newly refurbished, central location in Arndale House based in Luton town centre.

Each service will be accessible via the Community Hub’s shared lobby before patients are directed to dedicated entrances for each department, giving patients discreet access and improved confidentiality.

To find out more in regards to our move to Arndale House please click here.

GP phlebotomy and anticoagulation services are not required to be delivered at the hospital. These services are offered at many of your GP surgeries.

The phlebotomy and anticoagulation clinics are currently provided in a very poor facility at the L&D and we know that this isn’t good for patient experience. Arndale House provides a much improved facility, with a more spacious and comfortable waiting area and free Wi-Fi.

The move will see the introduction of pre-bookable, one hour appointment windows to reduce long waiting times by spreading patient numbers across the day. Patients will still be able to walk in and wait on the day if they prefer the flexibility of a drop in service.

Patients are encouraged to call 01582 718968 between 10:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 16:00  to book a blood test within a one hour appointment slot.

All outpatients (patients who have a Blood Test Request Form given to them by a hospital doctor or nurse) and children (under 13) will continue to be seen in the hospital as well as the following patient groups:

  1. Patients who require non-emergency patient transport or patients who have mobility issues which mean they rely on a wide based wheelchair or mobility scooter.
  2. Patients requiring specialised blood tests i.e. genetics testing for the Kennedy Galton Centre, booked GTTs and T-Spots.
  3. Anticoagulant patients who need to see an Anticoagulant Nurse

For more details about which specialised blood tests can be provided at Andale House please refer to the Patient Service Information leaflet that will be sent to your surgery directly.

Fasting blood tests
Please remind patients that fasting for blood tests is only
required for:

  1. Fasting cholesterol and Triglycerides (12 hours fasting)
  2. Fast Blood Sugar (12 hours fasting)
 Patient AccessMonday TuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
Anticoagulation Patients only-

Booked appointments as per anticoagulation dosage letter

NO CLINIC at Arndale House08:30 to 10:0008:30 to 10:0008:30 to 10:0008:30 to 10:00
All Patients-

Pre-bookable appointments

08:30 to 16:0010:00 to 16:0010:00 to 16:0010:00 to 16:0010:00 to 16:00
All Patients-

Walk in and wait

08:30 to 16:0010:00 to 16:0010:00 to 16:0010:00 to 16:0010:00 to 16:00
Please click here to view our FAQ’s for the move to Arndale House.