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Breast Screening

Our Breast Screening Service serves women across Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. A team of highly skilled Mammographers screen women between the ages of 47 and 73 every three years. Our mobile screening vans are located in convenient locations making it easy and accessible to attend.

Our dedicated unit at the L&D provides a range of out-patient clinics:

  • Assessment clinic for follow-up screening clients
  • Symptomatic One-stop clinic
  • Family history clinics

Our symptomatic service ensures that all clients are seen by a specialised breast team and all necessary investigations are carried out in one visit. All results are discussed in the breast multi-disciplinary team meeting the same week.

Family history referrals are sent to the screening service directly and an information pack is also sent to all referring GPs.

We always maintain a high standard of care and strive to ensure that national performance targets are consistently met.

Our excellent multi-disciplinary team consists of Consultants, Breast Physicians, Breast Care Nurses, Mammographers and Administrative support enabling us to provide the utmost care and respect within our service.

You can find out more by visiting The Beds and Herts Breast Screening Service.

Please see our breast screening video below.

Breast Screening Video from Luton & Dunstable Hospital on Vimeo.


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