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The L&D’s JAG-accredited Endoscopy unit performs approximately 12,000 endoscopic procedures each year, with the expectation of that number to continue to rise steadily. The unit is currently undergoing expansion to help meet the increased demand on the service by building an additional two rooms to complement our existing three. We strive to provide an excellent patient experience and over 92% of patients would recommend the unit to their friends and family.

We also provide a dedicated Gastroenterology consultant-led emergency 24 hour 365 days per week bleed service for out-of-hours emergencies.

Patients are usually referred to one of the consultants for an outpatient appointment. However, we also operate an open access service for gastroscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy, so your GP may refer you directly for one of these tests. On occasion it may be more appropriate to organise an endoscopy test before being seen in the outpatient appointment.

The following information is important for patients to read before coming in for their procedure.

Gastroscopy – for investigating the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum.

Click here for details of our Gastroscopy procedure.

Patients who have been referred for a gastroscopy should usually stop taking treatment for their stomach at least two weeks before any procedure. Click here for a list of the medications that should be stopped.Patients who are having follow-up or surveillance examinations (i.e. for ulcers or Barrett’s oesophagus) should continue to take their normal medication.

Other procedures which can be carried out during a therapeutic gastroscopy include:

Flexible sigmoidoscopy – to look at the left side of the large bowel (colon)
Click here for details of our Sigmoidoscopy procedure

Colonoscopy – for investing the entire large bowel (colon)
Click here for details of our Colonoscopy procedure

Follow this link for the general advice to patients taking bowel preparation before their colonoscopy.

ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography) – to view the bile ducts in the liver, the gallbladder and the pancreatic ducts.
Click here for detail of our ERCP procedure

Our Respiratory physicians also perform Bronchoscopies to look at the main airways in the lungs.

How long does it take?
Procedure times vary buy you should expect to be in the unit for 2-3 hours.

We know that you may be nervous about having your procedure and our staff will do their best to put you ease and look after you throughout.

In Patient Service
We also perform urgent procedures on patients who are already in hospital and occasionally admit patients overnight following a more complicated procedure or to ensure that they are sufficiently prepared for their procedure.

Patients will be told if this is necessary when the procedure is arranged.

Contact Us
If you have any questions please contact us between 8.00–18.00 on 01582 718486. Alternatively, you can call our 24-hour mobile hotline on 07815178199.

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