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Neonatal Unit

The Neonatal Unit at the L&D is one of only three units in the East of England who provide intensive care for the premature and sick newborn babies. 1 in 7 babies born will need support from the Neonatal Team.

At the L&D we have three separate nurseries, one for intensive care and high dependency, one high dependency and one for predominantly special care babies. There are 37 cots in the Unit in total. 11 are intensive care cots, 8 are for high dependency and 18 are specials care cots.

Specially Trained Staff
When a baby is admitted to the Neonatal Unit they will be allocated a ‘named consultant’ for the length of their stay and each day they will be allocated a named nurse to oversee their care.

Other staff in the NICU Team include physiotherapists, dieticians, ophthalmologists and hearing screeners, they may also be involved in looking after your baby.

Parents are a vital part of our team and play a central role in the care of their baby. We welcome and encourage parents to spend as much time as possible on the unit caring for their babies.

Babies are all individual and the length of time they spend on the NICU will vary, but as a general rule they are ready to go home when they can maintain their own body temperature, take their feeds and gain weight.

Infection Control
Due to the vulnerability of these patients we take infection control very seriously. We ask parents to support us with this to ensure the safety of all the babies in our care.


Paediatric Cardiologist (GOSH)
Neonatologist/Clinical Director
Locum Consultant