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The Neurology Department at the L&D provides a comprehensive General Neurological Service to the local population and surrounding areas. The Clinical staff comprise part-time consultants who also work at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. Three Specialist Nurse Practitioners; in Multiple Sclerosis.

The Department participates in research projects in Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. In addition to the General Neurology Clinics we have the following specialist clinics.

Specialist Clinics

  • Botulinum Treatment (Dr Gale, Consultant; Ruth Shaw; Specialist Nurse, Rhyan Smith, Lesley Bates, Paul Watts)
  • Multiple Sclerosis, (Dr Gale; Consultant, Mr Huseyin; MS Advanced Nurse Practitioner and MS Specialist Nurse)
  • Parkinson’s Disease (Dr Schrag; Consultant ; Ruth Shaw; PD Specialist Nurse)
  • Pregnancy and Epilepsy (Dr Parsons, Consultant)

Neurology Department Staff:

Clinical Operational Lead
Mr Huseyin Huseyin

Specialist Nurses
Mr Huseyin Huseyin – MS Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Lesley Bates – MS Specialist Support Nurse
Rhyan Smith – MS Specialist Nurse

Reasearch Sister
Susanne Tluk

Research Nurses
Yvynne Croucher

Medical Secretaries
Joanne Allen
Marie Clydesdale
Laura Sinton-Johnson
Maria McKechnie


MS Specialist Nurse
Consultant Neurologist
Consultant Neurologist
Research Nurse
Consultant Neurologist
MS Advanced Nurse Practitioner & Clinical Operational Lead
Consultant Neurologist
Consultant Neurologist
MS Specialist Nurse
Research Nurse
Consultant Neurologist
Clinical Director for Neurology and Neurophysiology