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Rheumatology is a multidisciplinary branch of medicine that deals with the investigation, diagnosis and management of patients with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. This incorporates over 200 disorders affecting joints, bones, muscles and soft tissues, including inflammatory arthritis and other systemic autoimmune disorders, vasculitis, soft tissue conditions, spinal pain and metabolic bone disease. A significant number of musculoskeletal conditions also affect other organ systems.

About our Service

The Rheumatology Department at the L&D provides a comprehensive general and specialist rheumatology service to the local population and surrounding areas.  Following a recent expansion the clinical staff now comprises of  six Consultants, two Specialist Registrars and  three Specialist Nurse Practitioners. Our team has invested in research and embraced new techniques to benefit our patients, such as ultrasound in the clinic to assist in the early diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis. In addition to the general Rheumatology Clinics we provide the following services:

Flare Clinics – For people with deteriorating inflammatory arthritis, we can offer appointments with a shorter waiting time to see a specialist.

Dedicated Helpline - patients can obtain advice from a nurse.

Biologics Clinic - to improve care for people with unremitting disease, a dedicated clinic to plan and monitor treatment with this highly effective group of drugs.

Early Arthritis Service - providing early aggressive therapy to prevent disability and improve outcomes.

Multidisciplinary Input - occupational therapy, physiotherapy and podiatry.

Health Education Sessions - to enable people to make shared decisions.

Bone Health Service - a new clinic dedicated to osteoporosis and associated conditions, along with reporting of bone density scans, providing advice on management to GPs.

Paediatric Rheumatology - regular local clinics for children and adolescent s with all forms of rheumatoid and soft tissue rheumatic conditions.

Specialist Disease Clinics - speciality disease-specific clinics are planned, along with combined clinics with allied specialities, such as Dermatology and Respiratory Medicine.

Contact us

Outpatient Appointment Department – 01582 561385

Nurse Advice Line – 01582 718305.  Please note: messages are picked up Monday to Friday from 9am to 12noon and responded to between 24 and 48 hours.

NEW – you can also e-mail the Rheumatology nurses.                            


Leanne Golder 01582 497233 - Dr Balaji & Dr Quick
Denise Twining 01582 718741 - Dr Chan & Dr Fishman
Karen Hennessy 01582 497464 - Dr Nisar & Dr Baqai

Please see below for some links to some societies and groups which you may find useful:

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National Osteoporosis Society

National Rheumatoid Arthritis Association

NICE guidance

Psoriatic Arthritis

Raynauds & Scleroderma Association 


  • Balaji RhamabhadranSecond nameRhamabhadranBiographyConsultant Physician and Rheumatologist. Trained in the East of England and has wide experience in Rheumatology, General and Acute Medicine. He has a special interest in inflammatory arthritis, connective tissue disorders and vasculitis.
  • Daniel FishmanSecond nameFishmanBiographyA General Physician and Rheumatologist with a special interest in Paediatric Rheumatology, seeing children of all ages with inflammatory and soft tissue rheumatic disorders.
  • Marian ChanSecond nameChanBiographyStudied at The University of the Witwatersrand - South Africa. She completed her specialist training in Rheumatology at Liverpool. In addition to Rheumatology also works in Ambulatory Care. Interests include Ankylosing Spondylitis and Melorheostosis.
  • Muhammad NisarSecond nameNisarBiographyMRCP (UK) MRCP Consultant Rheumatologist and Physician. Trained in East of England and undertook clinical research in Cambridge. Has a wide experience in general Rheumatology with special interest in early inflammatory arthritis, biologic therapy and metabolic bone health.
  • Tanya BaqaiSecond nameBaqaiBiographyConsultant Rheumatologist, trained at Imperial College (MRCP Rheumatology). Prior Rheumatology Locum Consultant at the Royal Free NHS Hospital. Has a special interest in Psoriatic Arthritis and Sero-negative Spondylo-Arthropathies
  • Vanessa QuickSecond nameQuickBiographyStudied medicine at Cambridge and University College London. Completed Rheumatology specialist training in Bath and Bristol in 2013. Special interests in early inflammatory arthritis and rheumatology ultrasound, giant cell arteritis and other vasculitidies, polymyalgia rheumatica and the connective tissue disorders.