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Friends and Family Test Results

Friends and Family Test

About the Friends and Family Test  

FandF nurse and patient

The Friends and Family Test is an opportunity for people who use NHS services to provide real time feedback on their experiences anonymously. The question must be asked within 48 hours of discharge or the service received.  It provides the hospital with information to make improvements to services, act on feedback that gives cause for concern and to recognise good practice.  It is a continual method of collecting data which gives the hospital the opportunity to identify trends and themes that can be analysed for producing action plans to make improvements.  

The Friends & Family Test question is 

How likely are you to recommend Ward/A&E/ Maternity/Outpatient department to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?”   

We ask this question using comment cards on the day of discharge from the ward/A/E department and through telephone calls made to patients the day after they go home. Cards are available in all outpatient clinics and for patients who are discharged after day surgery.

The response options are:

  • Extremely Likely
  • Likely
  • Neither Likely or Unlikely
  • Unlikely
  • Extremely Unlikely
  • Don’t Know

Patients who tick ‘extremely likely’ are described as ‘promoters’ of the service. Through a mathematical calculation, we work out what proportion of our patients would actively promote our service/our hospital, against those who either would not (by ticking ‘unlikely’ or ‘extremely unlikely’) or are indifferent (those who have ticked ‘likely’, ‘neither likely or unlikely’ or ‘unknown’). This is known as the ‘friends and family test score’.  

As from September 2014 the Friends & Family test  is shown as a percentage of patients who would recommend our ward/Hospital

Please follow this link to complete this survey online.

Further information about the friends and family test can be found here.

Friends and Family Test Results


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